Monday, April 09, 2007

Sev Curry

This is one super-duper dish that is easy as well as fast to make...and is delicious! My mom used to make this most saturday nights... remember to have it when hot!

Ingredients (for 2 people):

* Onions = 2 , cut in thin slices
* Tomatoes = 3, cut in small pieces
* Red Chilli powder = as per taste
* Turmeric powder = 1/3 tsp (basically a little more than a pinch)
* Sarson/ Mori seeds (black mustard)= 1 tsp.
* Jeera (cumin seeds) = 1 tsp
* Salt = as per taste
* Sev = as per taste. (Thin string-like fried snack preparation made out of gram flour. Used in the preparation of "Sev puri" and "Bhel Puri" or can be enjoyed just plain. Nowadays there are many spicy and non-spicy varieties of "sev" available in specialty Indian stores. )
* Coriander leaves = a sprinkling
* Loaf of bread
* Oil = 3-4 tbsp

Method :

* Cut Onions, tomatoes separately and keep aside.
* Heat oil in roundish and slightly deep vessel.
* Add the Jeera (cumin seeds) and Sarson/ Mori seeds (black mustard)- let them crackle.
* Add onions and saute on medium to high flame, till golden brown turning towards a slightly burnt look.
* Then add the tomatoes and saute on low flame.
* Put a lid on the vessel and let the tomatoes cook in their juice for a while, till they become soft and almost a paste. If need be, add very little water, to speeden the cooking process.
* When the tomatoes are done, add the salt, chilli and turmeric powders and mix well.
* Then add water- enough to make a thick gravy. And let cook for a while.
* Once the whole mixture is cooked, add the Sev till the gravy thickens. Shut the gas.
* Sprinkle coriander leaves on top.
* Serve hot with bread.

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