Monday, December 04, 2006

Baked Salad

A simple and quite tasty dish... :)

@ Small potatoes (those baby ones)- boiled and cut in half.
@ Bell Peppers- red and yellow - cut in thin long slices
@ Mushrooms- as per taste- cut fine, again in thin slices.
@ Corn- pre-boiled- about half a cup for taste only.
@ Cheese- grate and keep.

Heat some olive oil in a pan.
Saute the bell peppers,mushrooms, corn.
Add herbs like thyme,basil,etc (as per taste and need) or one can even add oregano and chilli flakes. Salt for taste.
Keep aside.
In a microwave bowl, add one level of potatoes, sprinkle salt and pepper and a bit of cheese.
Cover this with the next layer of sauteed veggies.
Sprinkle cheese on this layer.
Continue till the top.
Then cover the top layer completely in cheese.
Microwave till cheese melts completely.

Serve hot- with garlic bread.

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